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Car Detailing Kensington

Auto Detailing Specialists

Ceramic coating provides long-lasting defence against swirl marks, holograms, water stains, dust, dirt, and grime as part of the car detailing procedure. Ceramic coating offers improved protection for the paintwork of your automobile and doesn't need to be applied repeatedly. It also makes washing your car even simpler.

What Is Automobile Detailing?

Car detailing is the process of washing, restoring, and protecting your car to give it new life. This can involve applying car wax to preserve the clarity and gloss or utilising car polish to fix paint. Detailing includes interior services as well, such cleaning the upholstery in a car, in addition to outside services. Car detailing is expanding and will soon be a booming industry in Kensington.

Although detailing and valeting are sometimes used interchangeably, detailing should be seen as going a step farther than valeting by first removing impurities with clay, restoring clarity with machine polishers, and protecting paint with sealants. In Kensington, machine polishing is sometimes referred to as car buffing. We at Belgravia Auto Valet Ltd are proud to boast that our staff of detailers is accomplished and committed.

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Durable And Protective Coating

Liquid polymer adheres to a vehicle's paintwork, leaving a protective and long-lasting coating. This process is also known as nano-ceramic coating. Paintwork is protected from UV radiation by ceramic coating. Additionally, the protective layer keeps acidic airborne pollutants and other environmental impurities from the paintwork, which can result in stains and scratches.

The coating also produces a brilliant sheen, greatly enhancing the paint work's appearance. Additionally, the ceramic coating layer's beading effect causes water to bead off the surface. As a result, in addition to being protected, the paintwork will also be easier to maintain in terms of appearance. A car can only have a ceramic coating put on it after a thorough detailing. The coating must be applied on paintwork that is in excellent condition since it will seal in everything beneath it.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) is installed professionally by Belgravia Auto Valet Ltd in Kensington and the neighbourhood. PPF is a high-tech vehicle wrap that guards against common problems including scratches, chipping, and fading. PPF is one of the best treatments to help maintain the paintwork of your vehicle over time by deflecting dirt, filth, and UV rays!

Therefore, Belgravia Auto Valet Ltd.'s paint protection film wrap is the only option if you want to keep your car's paint in excellent condition with a low-maintenance wrap. We are proud of the appearance of your car. Belgravia Auto Valet Ltd offers a range of car detailing services to meet your needs as one of Kensington's most skilled providers. We provide a variety of services, from basic wash packages to intricate detailing choices.

Vehicle Improvement

You can anticipate that minor swirls, tiny flaws, and hairline scratches will be fixed with this particular service. The car will be given a swirl-free wash, clay bar treatment, and one stage correction before being ready for a machine polish.
ZQ9H Ceramic Coating (5 - 10 Year Guarantee) - Protect your car with a ProGrade 9H+ Level Coating, which will also leave it shining and simple to maintain, from the elements that steadily erode the body and paintwork.
With our self-healing, pre-ceramic coated film, you can prevent damage to the paintwork from stone chips and scratches. With this specific service, you may raise the resale value, protect the paintwork, and keep the vehicle looking sharp.

Vehicle Detailing Packages

Only certified and experienced experts do the different automobile detailing services we offer using methods that have been recognised by the industry. Inspections are a standard feature of all detailing services, with extras available for the more sophisticated ones. The workshop of Belgravia Auto Valet Ltd is in a convenient Kensington location.

Automatic Care

We provide a variety of automobile detailing solutions by utilising improved car detailing procedures. In essence, our basic service is a full valet provided with the added skill of our seasoned auto detailers. Visit Belgravia Auto Valet Ltd today in Kensington for all your automobile detailing requirements.

Full Car Wash With Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners can rehydrate, condition, and repair leather when used on seats. We offer the best car wash in London and excel at cleaning any fabrics that are susceptible to water. Our automobile steam cleaners emit steam with a very low water content (just 5%), leaving your surfaces dry and they can safely clean materials like Alcantara or suede.

Use the triangular tool and a microfibre towel to apply steam for the greatest results while cleaning automobile upholstery. For heavy filth on hard surfaces, you can use the bristle side without a cloth and then vacuum. The best way to remove dye stains or transfer from leather seats is via steam washing.

Contact Us Today For Car Detailing Kensington

We always strive to do an amazing job with every detailing project we undertake and we only use the highest possible standard of professional equipment for all auto detailing work. To find out more about our interior odour removal or any of the other car detail services we offer throughout Kensington and the surrounding areas, simply get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

What our clients say

We're only as good as our last job - here's a taste of our 5 star feedback:


Excellent job with clear and friendly communication. Highly recommend.

Rhys Morgan
Rhys Morgan March 1, 2023

Couldn’t fault, trustworthy, reliable and professional, highly recommended. 👍🏻

gill h
gill h February 25, 2023

I booked my first valet with this company yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier with the service! Gabriel was very pleasant and attentive, and I really appreciated his attention to details, special care and patience to make sure that my car was in the best condition possible. My car came out in showroom condition! Those guys are clearly very passionate about looking after cars, and this is exactly what I was looking for! Looking forward to my next valet.

Nicolas Antoine
Nicolas Antoine February 8, 2023

An excellent experience from start to finish. After spilling milk on my upholstered back seat, I had visions of driving with my head out the window as it turned sour. So I looked into getting the car valeted. Luckily I found Mike, who reassured me that they'd got rid of the smell of milk and worse in cars. I'm pleased to report that he and Gabriel did a first-rate job. The car is sparkling inside and out. And, more importantly, it smells luscious. Great guys, great job.

Jane Garcia
Jane Garcia January 4, 2023

Excellent job on my X5, got rid of all visible scratches. The people are honest and trust worthy. They really care about the small details when doing the job, will come back again.

Arthur Wiseberg
Arthur Wiseberg November 19, 2022

Amazing customer experience. Gabrielle was very professional and took a great care of the car. 10 stars!

Jalya Mehdiyeva
Jalya Mehdiyeva October 19, 2022

Mike and his team did an incredible job detailing and repairing the scratches and stone chips on my Macan. I was absolutely speechless when I saw the finish, it looks better than showroom condition! I will definitely use their service again, and would very highly recommend B.A.V for their amazing work, professionalism and friendliness.

Jodi K
Jodi K August 22, 2022

I used their services twice and it’s definitely worth the money. Their work is impeccable with an amazing attention to detail. They are also fair: because my car was in a better condition than anticipated, they needed less time to complete the job, and did not need to use all their cleaning products (e.g leather conditioning); consequently they gave me a partial refund - I did not have to ask for anything.

Void CSGO July 14, 2022

Excellent service. Wonderful team. Top notch quality.

Basem Malhas
Basem Malhas July 5, 2022

Meticulous attention to detail by experienced guys who are passionate about what they do, hard to find these days.. highly recommended

Por918x July 2, 2022
Just a brilliant experience.Mike and his team are top. Thanks guys.
Guy Harrington • April 16, 2021
Unbelievable quality and execution from the team at Belgravia Auto Valet, they don’t rush the job and the results often surpass expectations! I will personally never use any other detailer as Mike and his team have always shown me the best results time a...
Razah Jilani • October 17, 2019
Not one to normally write reviews. However, these guys are at the top of the tree and thoroughly deserve the 5 stars. I have a limited edition Rolls Royce and the guys make her look new every time! Communication, service and results are first class! Once...
Jez Williman • March 18, 2019
Very happy with the polishing job they did to my Lamborghini aventador. They removed some bad scratches . Very good service and Ryan the detailer was very professional and did his job very well. I was very happy with the service .
Talal Z • March 16, 2019
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